How shall we sing the Lord's song
in a strange land? 

Beach Sunrise
Winter Valley

When you have been preaching in one place, one state, one country for over 2 decades, what happens when you move to a different place, a different province, a different country?  How do you "sing the Lord's song" in the midst of a new place.  Follow this new adventure!


"Oh, the places you will go..."

This is what I do for fun!  It may also give you a sense of where we have been, where we are, and where you might want to visit!

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Trying to Sing in a Foreign Land

You can read my sermons from Port Williams United Baptist Church, or at least what is intended to be in the sermon.  If you hear echoes of something you have heard before in other places, you listened well!  

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Thoughts about the Journey and
Other Stuff

My thinking about this adventure of discovery--about the gospel, myself, being in a different country, of being church in a rapidly changing world, and whatever else crosses my mind!  

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