A Week of Celebrations, and Choices

This is one of those weeks when I am just confused and torn!

It is the first week of July.  On July 1 we celebrated Canada Day!  It was everything that a Canadian holiday should be!  We put on our sweaters and went down to the part in Wolfville where they had music and a jump castle and a dunking booth and a slip and slide!  Seriously, who is going to get in the water?  


Flags were everywhere!  (An observation.  I have decided that Canadians love our flag more than Americans do!  Just an observation.)   

But then….

Tuesday came and I went home to watch the US Women defeat the England team in the World Cup!  I was yelling and cheering and terrified and worried and O so happy with the outcome!

And today is July 4, Independence Day in the US!  A day for cookouts and fireworks and reading the Declaration of Independence and remembering what is wonderful about being  American—even if you are in Canada.  

It is a tough time to be torn between countries!  Which team do you pull for? Which holiday do you celebrate? But the real question comes down to one of allegiance?  Where does your loyalty lie?

This is becoming a greater question all over the world.  This week a CBC survey showed that a majority of Canadians are against welcoming more migrants, reflecting a growing movement in Europe and the US.  More and more nationalism, a “Us-First” tendency is spreading across the world.  It seems as if everyone has to choose sides.

For those of us who seek to follow the Jesus way, the choice is clear.  Our allegiance is to Jesus, and the Jesus way.  That is hard when it comes into conflict with the majority in our country, even with our country.  Yet, over and over in the Bible the question is posed to us.  “Choose this day whom you will serve.”

In the midst of a week in which I have been reminded how much I love BOTH of my native lands, I will still be singing that old song I learned in Children’s Choir.  “I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back, no turning back!”

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