Learning to Pray


We know we should.  It is right there with the ‘oughts’ of our lives.  We ought to get more exercise, we ought to eat more vegetables, we ought to brush our teeth, we ought to….

But many times we don’t.  

It’s not that we don’t mean to.  We intend to go to the gym tomorrow.  We plan on eating a balanced meal, but then we have to go on that trip and it is easier to just rush into Timmy’s and grab a doughnut than eat a good breakfast.  And soon, before we know it, the oughts of our lives are replaced with expediency, ease, forgetfulness.

Too often that is how it is with prayer.  It isn’t that we don’t mean to, even want to.  We just never get around to it; we just don’t know how.

Maybe we need to echo that disciple. “Lord, teach us to pray.”

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