Makings of a Good Life: A Good Mind

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Imagine if you will.
You are walking down the beach up at Scots Bay one afternoon.  The sun is shining on this late summer-early fall day, warming the air.  The tide is out and so you hike out a ways, thinking that maybe you might stumble on some sea glass, or at least an unusual rock.
As you walk along, you see, almost out of the corner of your eye a flash of light.  The sun seems to be reflecting off something—something that is rather out of place.  You wander over, and there sticking out of the mud and rocks is what seems to be a metal cone.  You bend over to examine it; dig around it and lo and behold it seems to be not only a pice of metal, but a metal….something.  You begin scraping off the years of gunk, the mud and see that this is something that you might be something to add to your knick knack cupboard.
Suddenly, this cloud begins coming out of the top.  It is as if it is some paralyzing gas, because you can’t run, you can’t drop this thing.  You just stand there, eyes wide, mouth agape!

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